Suryshree Blocks

Suryshree Blocks Benefits

Cost Effective:

Suryshree Blocks cuts down the operating cost by 30% to 40%. It requires lesser number of joints ensuring less usage of steel and concrete and thereby reducing the overall construction cost by 2.5%. Excellent insulation cuts energy cost by 30%. Variety in sizes of blocks helps an increase in the carpet area. Wall painting and plastering last longer since efflorescence does not affect AAC. This translates into lower maintenance costs.

Light Weight:

These blocks weigh 50% less than a standard CM U block and hence it reduces the dead load of structure drastically resulting in construction of taller buildings. Also, they are easier and cheaper to transport as they are 3-4 times lighter than traditional bricks. This saves construction time and the total materials required for the construction of the entire buildings.

Fast Construction:

Convenient light weight ingredients make transportation and installation faster. Due to the nature of the product it settles and hardens up very quickly. The flexibility of producing these blocks in different shapes and sizes reduce number of joints in wall masonry. Considerable reduction in effort means the construction time reduces. The math says it reduces to about 20%.


As per IS 2185 (1984)

Easy to Use:

Construction becomes convenient and easy as consumption of cement is very low. As mentioned earlier these blocks can be retro fitted into various shapes in a short span of time. These blocks can be transported over long distance very conveniently.

Earth-Quake Resistance:

Lightweight blocks reduce the mass of a structure and consequently the impact of an earthquake on a building is decreased. Also, these blocks tend to be a better choice in the earthquake prone areas of India.

Energy Efficiency:

Suryshree blocks prevent larger energy consumption. Firstly while its production and secondly by thermal insulation. The product being lighter than its ageing counterpart (the bricks), It is easy to transport and manage. The overall effort taken to construct using AAC blocks is much lower than that of using bricks.


This product takes pride in the fact that it is produced from recycled industrial waste; fly ash. It's made up from non-toxic ingredients. The process of producing AAC is clean and there is only one by-product; steam. Also, the total energy consumption for producing Suryshree blocks is less than 50% of what it takes to produce other building material. The Indian Green Building Council has certified Suryshree blocks to be green building material.

Thermally Insulated & Energy Efficient:

Suryshree blocks provide first-rate thermal insulation because of low thermal conductivity and low air infiltration. In short, it's cool. Cooler interiors save the air conditioning load and consequently enhance energy efficiency. Even while production of these blocks the cumulative energy used is comparatively very less.

Fire Resistance:

Whatever the statistics of death by in house fire may be, they are about to change. These blocks can withstand very high temperatures for a very long time. Suryshree blocks resist against fire from 02 to 06 hours ( Depending upon thickness ) at maximum 1600 degree celsius.

Water Resistance:

The amazingly efficient honeycomb construction and ultimate precision means there are no loopholes. Problems like leakages and dampening of walls will not occur.

Pest Resistance:

The structure of these blocks prevents them from being damaged or infested by termites and other pests. The construction is done keeping in mind that the cavities are to be minimum. This prevents the nesting of pests. Not only that, it also prevents mold from growing as it is made from inorganic material.

Acoustic Properties / Noise Cancellation:

Suryshree blocks offer sound attenuation of about 45 dB, blocking out all major sounds and disturbances. The porous structure of the blocks provides excellent sound absorption. These blocks are ideal for the construction privacy centric places like schools, hospitals, hotels, IT offices, recording studios, theatres, multi-family housing and other structures that require acoustic insulation.

Smooth Finishing to wall:

Since the whole wall is made out of Suryshree block there will not be a single point in the structure that is out of place. Inadequacies about incompetent masonry is nullified.

Easy Workability and Design Flexibility:

We did mention flexibility, right? Suryshree blocks can be easily cut, drilled, nailed, milled and grooved to fit individual requirements. To simply put it, these are available in various sizes. And it does not leave a big mess for you to clean. Water wastage is minimal. It simplifies hydro-sanitary and electrical installations, such as pipes or ducts, which can be installed after the main construction is complete. One can do all this in a brick wall too, but the word simplified cannot be used there.

Increase Floor Space Area:

Suryashree Blocks offers excellent water barrier & insulation properties, giving better option to use thinner blocks (6" instead of 9" exterior walls) and as a result there is an increase in floor space area between 3 - 5 %.

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