Suryshree Blocks


AAC Advantages for owner :

  • As an owner one looks for strength reliability and quality. AAC blocks are earthquake resistant and can withstand many natural uncertainties.
  • It is AAC's basic functionality when it comes to safety. It is fire resistant.
  • AAC blocks are resistant to pests like termites and other insects the ingredients used to make these block prevent infestation and prevents you from shelling out for pest control.
  • These blocks have a higher thermal efficiency.
  • All in all a great investment.
  • One of the main benefits of AAC is safety. An owner using AAC products creates a soundproof, well functional and safe building.
  • AAC construction is insect and termite proof. Therefore, the need for expensive insect and pest treatment as well as long term maintenance costs will be greatly reduced.
  • AAC Has High Thermal Efficiency.
  • AAC Improves Indoor Air Quality.
  • AAC Structures Are Well-Suited to Withstand Fires, Earthquakes, and Other Natural Disasters

AAC Advantages for Contractor :

  • Now that the trend of AAC blocks is picking up the prices have become very competitive.
  • The construction time for building reduces greatly as these blocks are bigger in size and can be transported easily as they are lightweight.
  • The strong yet porous structure of these blocks make for easy workability (like drilling and hammering).
  • AAC Structures Are Price Competitive.
  • Buildings can be constructed quickly and safely using AAC building systems. The product itself is lightweight; therefore easily handled.
  • AAC's workability (e.g. anchoring, routing, and drilling characteristics) is well developed and can be easily performed on job site .

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