Suryshree Blocks

Tech Specification

No. Parameter AAC block Clay brick
1 Size ( LxHxT) 600 x 200x (75 to 225)mm 230 x 75 x 115 mm
2 Size Tolerance 1.5mm(+/-) 05 to 15mm(+/-)
3 Compressive Strength 3.5 N/mm2 & above (as per IS:2185) 2.5 to 3.5 N/mm2 (as per IS:1077)
4 Dry Density 550-650 Kg/Cum (oven dry) 1950 Kg/Cum
5 Fire Resistance 02 to 06 hours (depending upon thickness) 02 hours
6 Sound Insulation Index 45db for 200mm thick wall 50db for 230mm thick wall
7 Thermal Conductivity 0.16 (w / m-K) 0.81 (w / m-K)


General Specification

1 Structural Cost steel saving up to 15% no such saving
2 Cement Mortar For Plaster & Masonry required less due to flat, even surfaces & minimum number of joints required more due to irregular surface & more number of joints
3 Breakage & Utilization negligible breakage almost 100% utilization is possible average 10 to 15% breakage, so 100% utillization is not possible
4 Construction Speed speedy construction due to it’s big size, light weight & ease to cut in any size or shape comparatively slower
5 Labour Out Put approximately double of conventional brick comparatively low
6 Quality uniform & consistent normally varies
7 Efflorescence no such chance, which improve the durability of wall along with plaster & paint in a long run most chances are there
8 Fitting & Chasing all kind of fitting & chasing possible ( as per IS:1905) all kind of fitting/chasing possible
9 Carpet Area more due to less thickness of walling material comparatively low
10 Storage readily available at any season in a short notice so no storage required particularly in monsoon, stock at site is compulsory which block large working space
11 Water Required required less in wetting & curing, hence saving in electricity bill & labour cost. need more curing resulted to higher amount of electricity bill & labour cost.
12 Energy Saving approximately 30% reduction in air-conditioned load for both heating & cooling no such saving
13 Maintenance less due to its superior properties comparatively higher

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